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Day 1

The Five Day course includes one day of online assessment and four days of attendance on the course. 


As part of the online learning, individuals will complete the 'Get Fit To Golf' self-assessment program and a written rules test. The online work is sent out to candidates on receipt of course fees.

Days 2-5


The attendance aspect of the course includes your Playing Ability Test (PAT) and Verbal Teaching Test. The in-house learning activities (lectures, classes, discussion, theoretical components) will be held each morning at the golf course from 9:00 am - 12:30 pm.


The afternoon sessions will also be held at the golf course, giving students the opportunity to become familiar with the golf course and competent in course management aspects.


New Zealand Golfers at Golf Course

Courses are currently available in Kaikoura and Taranaki. Check our Course Calendar for dates at each location.


If you prefer us to travel to your local club on a date that suits you please Contact Us.

During the five-day on-site certification course, you will learn to teach all facets of the game. Your course will be conducted by an NZGTF Master Golf Teaching Professional, who has years of experience.


One of our primary goals is that you enjoy your experience earning your certification. Enjoyment of the learning process is something that we hope you will pass on to your future students. From the opening orientation to the closing banquet, our staff will be there to help you maximize your potential as a golf teaching professional.

The following topics are covered in detail:

  • Common Sense Golf Teaching Ideas

  • Understanding Ball Flight Laws

  • Teaching the Golf Swing – Full Swing, Short Game & Trouble Shots

  • Psychology of Teaching Golf

  • Rules of the Game

  • Marketing Yourself as a Golf Teaching Professional

  • Clubfitting – What Teaching Professionals Should Know

  • Faults & Cures for Teaching Professionals

  • Use of Video in Teaching


In order for you to earn status as an NZGTF Certified Golf Teaching Professional, you will be required to successfully complete the following tests:

  • 25-Question Golf Fundamentals Test (80% passing grade)

  • 40-Question Written Rules Test (70% passing grade)

  • One-on-one Verbal Teaching Test (75% passing grade)

  • 18-hole Playing Ability Test (see gender and age divisions below)


Written Rules Test

Multiple choice questions. The rules book is issued to you and permitted during the test along with the easier-to-understand version, “Rules in Brief.”

Verbal Teaching Test

This is based on the detection and correction of swing errors. It will be taught to you during the course of the week so that you feel comfortable in this scenario.

Playing Ability Test

The PAT takes place on the last day of certification and has the following requirements:


  • Ages 18-49 – score of 83

  • Ages 50-59 – score of 84

  • Ages 60-69 – score of 86

  • Ages 70-over – score of 88

  • Ages 18-49 – score of 85

  • Ages 50-59 – score of 86

  • Ages 60-69 – score of 88

  • Ages 70-over – score of 90


  • FIVE DAY COURSE with full training as described above including up to five rounds, practise facility and practise balls, full-year membership and ID card, practice sessions, end-of-course dinner, video training & feedback.

Five day course format
Five Day Course
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