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As an NZGTF Member, you must fulfill the obligations of being an upstanding citizen and role model to your students, your community, and to the golf teaching profession. In order to fulfill the NZGTF’s purpose and maintain membership status, the organization requires strict adherence to the following Code of Ethics:

  • Article 1 – Being a member shall be synonymous with the finest aspects of the game of golf; namely, to show integrity, honour and respect at all times to those who have placed their trust in you and your professional ability. Professional integrity, whether it be toward a fellow teaching professional or client, is beneficial for all concerned.

  • Article 2 – The public has the right to expect the best, most up-to-date and uniform instruction available; therefore, it is the duty of each member to continue to learn any new techniques or modifications in order to pass them along to those who take instructions.

  • Article 3 – Only members in good standing maintain the right to identify themselves as NZGTF members. 

  • Article 4 – No member shall sponsor or promote any equipment which has not been personally tested and proved to be of high quality. Supporting commercial enterprises for monetary gain only, rather than from a sense of conviction as well, shall misrepresent the equipment to the public, thereby jeopardizing the integrity of the game and the NZGTF. Furthermore, any equipment derived from our industry partners under a personal use program are not designed for resale to the general public so that the teaching professional can profit from this transaction. Failure to respect these guidelines jeopardizes all members’ use of these programs.

  • Article 5 – The NZGTF, USGTF as well as all WGTF member nations are membership organizations that constantly strive to provide membership benefits. Therefore, members must meet professional financial obligations promptly and conduct all business dealings in a manner befitting the standards of the NZGTF. (Annual membership fees are $215NZ$)

  • Article 6 – Members are often in the public eye; therefore, it is essential to present true sportsmanlike conduct and good behaviour, so as not to cause embarrassment to any professional, student or person in charge of operating a golf facility.

  • Article 7 – As golf is a game enjoyed by many in their formative years, Members have a responsibility to the youth of this country by setting an example of professionalism for them to follow.

Article 8 – Any NZGTF member who:

  •  Fails to act in accordance with the NZGTF Code of Ethics

  •  Takes undue advantage of other NZGTF members

  •  Acts in any manner that is not in the best interest in the NZGTF will lose their right to promote themselves as an NZGTF or WGTF member.

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